Setting Up Grid Portfolio

The basic setup of Grid Portfolio is like most PageLines sections. In the PageLines Store after you purchase the product you can go back to Store > Get New Sections and instead of the label saying $19.99 it will now say “Install”.

Click Install and it will then appear under the adjacent “Your Added Sections” tab where you can click “Activate”. Once activated it will become a drag and drop section just like the other sections in PageLines 2.0. Put this baby on a page template of your choice and you are almost there.

The best way to configure the Grid Portfolio is to set the page wide options for it first using the page meta options, because some of the page meta options if set will save you time in redundant option choices for each individual portfolio item.

Portfolio Base Options Setup

Some of the base options allow you to specify which portfolio sets to show by adding the “portfolio set” terms separated by commas and without spaces. This way if you wanted to have different pages show different portfolio groups you could specify here.

The size of the portfolio items are responsive and dynamic based on the number of columns you choose on your page meta setup.

The two layout modes are pretty simple.

  1. Fluid Mode – This is the masonry style layout of stacked boxes of varying sizes.
  2. Grid Mode – In grid mode the smallest item is used to calculate the height of the other items so the layout remains neatly aligned. To avoid clipping make sure images are close in dimensions.

The Image Hover Icon and Hover Design Style

If you do not add a unique Hover Icon to each Portfolio item then the global style you set in the page meta will be used. In the latest version you can use a slide down/up effect or a fade in/out effect in a light or dark color scheme.

The lightbox also has three style options to choose from:

The Hover Type Option

The hover options include various lightbox modes and link modes. Here is what each does.

  1. Link to Custom Post Type – use this when you want to utilize a custom post type single post page for your portfolio items.
  2. No Link/Selectable Text – this is great for when you need to render shortcodes or html for paypal buttons on hover.
  3. Link Image to Custom URL – links to a url of your choice and makes the whole box clickable.
  4. Lightbox-Image – This will lightbox your image or another image that you specify in the custom url option title ( Portfolio Link -or- Lightbox Image/Video URL ).
  5. Lightbox-Group – Any photos you add to the WP Gallery for a portfolio item will also be included into unique individual lightbox galleries.
  6. Lightbox-Video – Will lightbox a video url entered into the Portfolio Link text input. The valid formats are:
    YouTube Link format:<br>
    Vimeo Link format:<br>

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